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Young Adult Recommendation:

We Were Here, by Matt de la Pena

Everyone in Juvi talks about what they did to get themselves there. Everyone, but Miguel. He keeps to himself. His mother no longer can look him in the eye. He refuses to talk to the counselor. He only gives time to his journal – the judges’ one requirement of him during his stay at the detention home. 

We Were Here
is a beautifully told story of a teenager whose guilty conscience is his worst enemy – even when he is surrounded by some pretty bad characters. By the end of the story your heart will ache and cheer for Miguel.

​​Death, suicide, pubescent sexual experiences, alcohol and drug abuse are all topics of discussion for the book. But this should not scare any parent from allowing a child fourteen or older to read this book. None of these topics are glorified and ultimately, the characters find grace in their loyalty and forgiveness of one another.