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Tomb of Truth

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A new middle-grade novel By Courtney Anz 

Copyright 2013-2015. Courtney Anz. All rights reserved. 

Alyssa, 11y

"Please make a sequel;

it was a great book and I would LOVE to read more!"

Hidden in a dark corner of her mother’s office, Marina discovers the journal and a gorgeous artifact hidden long ago by the grandfather she loved but her own mother called "crazy." All she can figure is that it is very important: 

      “It can grant life to someone in great need.

       Or power to someone of great greed.

       I trust you to protect it.”

In an adventure that leads Marina to China and the heart of a two-thousand-year-old tomb, she discovers the truth about what happened to her grandfather, the murder her mother’s treacherous boss is about to execute, and why this artifact is so precious.

A children's middle-grade book that is fun for all ages, "Tomb of Truth" is the first in an adventure fantasy series. Full of ancient myths that come alive in our modern day, readers will speed around the world with Marina and her side-kick brilliant younger sister Iris, as they unlock the secrets to their family's unusual past. 

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