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A new middle-grade novel By Courtney Anz 

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Middle Grade Recommendation:

The Fairies of Turtle Creek, by Jill K. Sayre

There are many things I love about Sayre’s first novel, but after all is said and done, the relationship between Claire and her grandmother so beautiful, it alone makes this book worth reading.

This is a serious but tender book about a thirteen-year-old girl’s desire to see the world maturely even as she still wants magic in her life. Who wants all the magic and mystery to disappear as they mature into adulthood?

Young Claire is an intelligent girl with a busy mind wresting with tough issues. The older brother she adores is fighting in a war overseas. The cute boy in the grocery store makes her heart do things she has never felt. And a hardly-remembered grandmother is about to come live in the family guest room because she is too ill to live alone. Just when the doddering old grandmother arrives, strange and wonderful things begin to happen. So strange, Claire wonders if her grandmother has a little magic of her own.

The book is set in Dallas and we are lucky to claim Jill K. Sayre as one of our Texas
authors! The Fairies of Turtle Creek is appropriate for all children, but especially girls, above the age of nine.

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