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Middle Grade Recommendation:

Dragon Slippers, by Jessica Day George

“She wanted dragon gold. She got a pair of shoes.” How do you not like a catch-line like that? Creel is supposed to act like a damsel in distress, deposited into a dragon’s lair by her own aunt, who hopes the entire family will benefit from some Prince arriving to save her and sweep her into royalty. However, Creel does not wait around for a Prince to save her, opting to use her own wit to win her freedom – and a beautiful pair of blue slippers. Once free, these usual slippers begin to make things happen for her – a pretty princess becomes extremely jealous, more dragons come into her life, and just as she lands a great job as a seamstress, she has to save the kingdom.

Dragon Slippers delivers a plucky heroine who uses her intelligence to navigate difficulties with bullies and ongoing societal judgment while retaining her integrity and her charm. Besides all of that, this is a romantic book that is good, clean and fun reading.

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