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A new middle-grade novel By Courtney Anz 

Copyright 2013-2015. Courtney Anz. All rights reserved. 

Middle Grade Recommendation:

Blue Into The Rip, by Kevin Heritage

“Blue didn’t want to be in the future…
they didn’t want him there either.”

Now that is a killer start to a fun book!

The protagonist is named for his blue eyes, but that isn’t the only thing intense about Blue’s life. He’s been ripped (hence the title) through time into the future just as his little sister goes missing. All he wants is to find a way back to the present in order to save her. But to do this, he must discover the sinister reason why he was brought to the future in the first place.

Super fun use of slang and a great coming-of-age story. Heritage did a great job creating this fast-paced story in a completely believable world. The story is fun, unique and challenging.

​​Blue Into The Rip is a great read for science-fiction readers as young as ten, but adults will enjoy as well. Kevin Heritage is self-published and deserves to be read!